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What is the alternative wood for furniture? And how to make sure quantity supply is largely available and eco-friendly to our environment?

Malaysia is world leader in oil palm industries. Oil palms tree which were no longer producing fruit were considered abandoned and being chopped off and replaced every 20 to 25 years. Every year, based on replanting programmed there are approximately 12 million trunks to be chopped off and left behind to rot in the estates throughout the nation. This could pose some environmental challenges if not handled properly.

Through to the great efforts of research and investments from Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), MPOB and private sectors, Malaysia is now able to recycle the oil palm trunks into beautiful wood grain furniture material. We determined to make use oil palm trunks as significant part of material for our furniture.

There are several essential benefits of re-utilizing oil palm trunk; first, it is environmental friendly as it is recycled from trunks which would normally be chopped off and left behind.


Second, the raw material quantity would be largely available. Based on the current sector program, there will be 100,000 hectares of land to be replanted each year which would enable and assure hefty amount of oil palm trunk demand in the future. Every year the land area of oil palm trunk to be chopped off is equivalent to 1.4 times bigger than Singapore total land area. Hence, shortage of raw material would not impose a great risk where business concentration could be placed on continuously improving the product strength, durability and design style.

Wood grain of oil palm trunk is so unique compared to others. Every oil palm wood contains plenty of wood fibers and it will float at wood surface. Therefore, there are two beautiful colors which formed naturally and slightly textured after the coating process.

Although oil palm wood furniture is currently treated as newly explored material to the world of furniture markets, nevertheless it proves itself as one of the world qualified material and will gradually gain its popularity in the near future. As matter of time will prove it.

More coming with new design soon.

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