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Palm Plywood panel products uses oil palm trunk (OPT) cut down from palm tree re-plantation program. Itís come from sustainable material helping to reduce Climate Change - Global Warming Issue.




 Furniture components

 Interior design - decorative utility


 Wooden pallet

 Packaging materials

 Construction - concrete form work

 Furniture - cabinet door, table top, office table etc

 Underlay plywood



Product Advantage

® Economical and cost effective products compress from oil palm tree trunk materials meet the strength requirements as stipulated in the Japanese Standard Method (JAS 233:2003)

® Eco-friendly plywood. Green veneer - Green Plywood

® Solves disposal problems.



Panel size and thickness

5.2mm x 1220mm x 2440mm

9.0mm x 1220mm x 2440mm

12mm x 1220mm x 2440mm

15mm x 1220mm x 2440mm

18mm x 1220mm x 2440mm

Any others custom made


It is time to change from using wood based plywood to biomass based Palm Plywood.

Old trees to be felled for replanting

Storage yard section

Peeling section

Drying section

Gluing & Pressing section

Finishing section

Process flow of making plywood from oil palm trunk (OPT)

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